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Why Buy from a Bike Shop?

Do Bike Shop Bikes Really Cost More?

We often meet customers who seem to experience sticker shock when comparing the difference in the price of a bike as the bike shop and the price of a bike at local discount stores. After all when they walk into a local "Mart" store they see bikes that start at $59. The following comparison can help explain the benefits of paying more up front for the better bike shop bicycle.

The true cost of that $120 department store bike

     $120 Price of department store bike.

     $75 Cost of first repair caused by poor assembly – rear der. into rear wheel most common.

     $45 Seat upgrade

     $45 Gear and brake adjustments after first couple of rides – no free check up on those bikes

     $65 First (of many) tune ups to readjust brakes, gears, and bearings due to inferior materials

     $350 = total invested in the $120 department store bike in 90 days (assuming you are still riding it)

The true cost of an entry level bike from Touright

     $350 Price of an entry level quality bicycle

     - 0 - No “first repair” needed since our bikes are professionally assembled and warranted and we offer first season repairs free if needed.

     - 0 - Most bikes here don’t require seat upgrade – we can give credit toward your seat if you do upgrade. We suggest about 30 miles on seat before you upgrade.

     - 0 - No charge for adjustments during first 90 days – we offer free checkups during season of riding.

     - 0 - Seldom need a tune up in first year due to quality construction and quality assembly

     $350 = total invested in a quality bike from Touright

The only difference in the above scenarios is that three months after the purchase you are either the proud owner of a low maintenance comfortable riding quality bike from Touright or you are the disappointed owner of a bike that doesn’t fit, doesn’t really ride well, and requires ongoing costs to keep it running.

The true cost per ride of a department store bike vs. a bike from Touright

A $120 department store bike that functions poorly, fits poorly, or is not well suited for the type of riding you do typically gets ridden 3 times then put away until it ends up in a garage sale costs $40 per ride.

An entry level quality bicycle from Touright that fits well, performs well, is comfortable to ride, and requires little maintenance and gets ridden just 2 times a week over ten years of ownership costs just 34 cents per ride.

SUMMARY – the most expensive bike you can buy is the bike that fits poorly, rides poorly, doesn’t match your riding style, and spends more time in the shop than on the trail – or worse, only gets ridden 3 times before becoming garage clutter. Invest wisely and get a quality bike from your local bicycle shop.