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We Help you Ride Right

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Touright Hours

9-6 Monday to Friday

9-5 Saturday

Closed Holidays:

New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day

What Makes Touright Unique?

Bikes arrive at Touright in a box. They require more time to assemble properly and safely. And that is more difficult than many realize. The degree of ability, care and skill varies. In addition to assembly, there is the fitting involved for each the customer; a frame size that measures "54" or “M” simply and only describes a size, not a fit. It doesn't describe a comfortable and efficient bike any more than a "32 inch waist" or “size 10” adequately describes a pair of pants. Touright adds significant value to any bike that leaves our door. If you visit Touright and test ride our bikes, talk with David or Susan you'll pick up differences that won't show up on websites or email quotes. Obviously, we're confident that our bikes are worth the price given.

Susan and David look forward to the opportunity of showing you, fitting you and selling you a great bike, something you'll have for years and want to get out and ride, every chance you get!

Touright creates biker ‘gangs’ out of families by providing bikes for every family member-trailers to trikes. Touright promotes wellness in the community by providing a “home base” for cyclists of any age, gender or ability. Our shop fosters relationship building in the saddle or by sitting and staying awhile at the shop.

We break down any barriers to riding a bike and develop unique, community-based programs for people to enjoy the benefits of bicycling.Our local rides bring all ages together for adventure, learning and fellowship.Riders learn how to ride safely and maintain their bikes in a supportive, hands-on environment.

Touright helps build community, gives individuals the confidence and skills to deepen a life-long love for biking.

Why a bike shop and why Touright?

The owners! There isn’t another shop, let alone another bicycle shop, with owners like Susan & David. Their welcoming and gracious personalities, their passion for cycling and their desire to get everyone on a bike is genuine. You feel their enthusiasm when you walk in door. Touright is a place of community and become a hub of activity. All are welcome and appreciated for simply one reason. Touright’s desire to have everyone involved in cycling. As people continue to ‘find’ Touright they return and tell their friends, (cyclist and non-cyclist alike) about the special experience of Touright.

Dave & Susan are not only passionate about the shop, but about helping others be healthy through cycling. They strive to give all riders the right bike fit; no matter their ability. Sue and Dave believe that that everyone deserves the opportunity to bicycle regardless of age, health, income, education or background. This is the mission of the store.

Touright helps improve each individual’s health and enhance the livability of Little Falls by helping people gain access to cycling. Be it a matter of getting comfortable behind the handlebars, or to continue to add miles under their saddle; we want to help you “ride right” – a few miles, across the country or around the world. That’s what makes Touright Bicycle Shop more than just a bike shop! It’s Susan and David’s dedication to enriching the community through cycling!

Touright in the community

about us

Touright Bicycle Shop in Little Falls began in January 2015 with a mindset that everyone can ride a bicycle. We want to help you enjoy riding, be it the first time or the millionth mile.

Touright Bicycle Shop is an independent local bike shop. We offer sales, service and friendship to all who walk through the door regardless of what bike they buy or where they bought it from.